The Recordings

The Recordings are a series of shorts done in the spirit of The Craftsman Articles that I wrote more than a few years ago now. They are set in the world of The Adventures of the Trinity and the One. These Recordings are the chronicles of two Empirians, Lapadj and Sarela, on Earth with the mission to learn the art of programming. Shenanigans happen along the way. Dubiously canon, but certainly fun.

I never finished the series, but it has been on my TODO list to finish it…eventually.

The Main Characters

Lapadj: A Kharatzara who is cloaked (shapeshifted) as the Human ‘Harrison’. Supposedly engaged in his task. Has zero chill.


Sarela: Sarela, a Szarehan, has made herself invisible and is the one recording Lapadj’s antics. She is only there for the entertainment value and something like loyalty to Lapadj. Generally salty and not a huge fan of Humans.


Anna: The Human who has found herself as the mentor/partner of ‘Harrison.’ Optimistic and attempts to be humorous.

Grapefruit: Disgraced God of Programming. Currently taking the form of a Grapefruit.

The Series (unfinished):

Enlightenment Through Storage:

Enlightenment Through Storage - 1

Enlightenment Through Storage - 2

Enlightenment Through Storage - 3

Enlightenment Through Storage - 4

Enlightenment Through Storage - 5

Enlightenment Through Storage - 6

New Day, New Problems:

New Day, New Problems - 1

New Day, New Problems - 2

New Day, New Problems - 3

Divine Advice:

Divine Advice - 1

Divine Advice - 2

Divine Advice - 3

Divine Advice - 4

Healthy Ideas:

Healthy Ideas - 1

Healthy Ideas - 2

Healthy Ideas - 3

Healthy Ideas - 4

Healthy Ideas - 5

Healthy Ideas - 6

Healthy Ideas - 7

The Bigger Picture:

The Bigger Picture - 1

The Bigger Picture - 2

No Such Thing as Being Alone:

No Such Thing as Being Alone - 1

No Such Thing as Being Alone - 2

No Such Thing as Being Alone - 3

Persuading Yourself:

Persuading Yourself

Surviving the Plan

Surviving the Plan 1

Surviving the Plan 2

Surviving the Plan 3

Surviving the Plan 4

A Stand

A Stand 1

A Stand 2

A Stand 3

A Stand 4

A Fall

A Fall

A Rise

A Rise - Part 1

A Rise - Part 2