Healthy Ideas - 6

It goes on

–Beginning Basic Narration of Recording 19–

“Cease your mocking,” Lapadj growls as he settles back into the Human chair he has claimed.

“If I had done it, it would have made sense, but with you…” Sarela snickers. “If there is a ranking of the worst tourists in history, you surely hold a prominent spot on it.”

“At least, you would be known for something, at least,” Grapefruit formally opines from her form as a ‘smartphone.’

“Shlaranai,” Lapadj mutters and shakes his head as he glances to see Anna approaching.

“That was a longer break than I’d anticipated,” Anna says while she plops down on her chair. She gives a passing look to Grapefruit casually placed on the table. She cocks her head at it. “Is that a new phone?”

“Yes,” ‘Harrison’ replies. “A…special model.” He reaches for it and pulls it towards him. “Limited distribution and all that.”

“Whoa.” She blinks rapidly. “That is really cool. You know, Mark has stuff like that, too. I wonder if it is the same model.”

“Probably not,” Lapadj says dismissively and motions towards the computer. “What is next?”

“So we need to write a function that takes a title and content and uses our Java classes to add them to the database, but in Clojure,” Anna says.

It looks as if Lapadj is going to say something snidely or quip some odd statement, but he refrains. He straightens his Human form and gazes at the computer like a proud Empirian would.

“This is in a different namespace…” she mutters as she, as usual, sets up the Clojure file in IntelliJ. “So you didn’t like Vim?”

“That is a phrase for what I experienced, yes. A weak one,” he says. “Its reliance on one form of navigation makes it highly inflexible.”

The Human female nods her slightly dark face. “I guess that is one way to look at it.”

“I think I remember Vim,” Grapefruit says, voice cloaked by way of the power of the Empire and her meager Godly abilities. “There are so many textual editors. I think they fall under my domain. I have no particular love for anyone of them. Nor any hate.”

“It is good you are able to figure that out,” Sarela says dryly.

“It is!” the Goddess responds merrily.

Lapadj casually rolls his eyes. “So how do we gain access to our Java class? We must import it, but how?”

“Okay so under the namespace call we simply add an import line like we did with the base 64 parser,” she says.

“Ah,” he utters stiffly and then types out as best as he understood what she said. “Then in the particular functions we create we call it the same way as the other one. That is simple.”

“It is,” both Anna and Grapefruit chime.

Lapadj pauses after typing out the name of the function. “Do we test this?”

It is at this question that Anna seems to pause and strongly consider his question. “That would be an integration test…hmm.”

“I would,” Grapefruit says. “Lapadj, tell her you think you two should. Use some tool, Korma, I believe is one that could work, to hit the database. Not a great one, but it will do. I can walk you through it.”

“Every moment you are becoming more coherent and more capable,” Sarela remarks.

“Indeed,” Lapadj whispers to them. Then he shifts to face Anna. “I think we should.”

“Really?” Her face lights up with positive emotion. The change is staggering. She seems shocked at ‘Harrison’s’ suggestion of using tests.

“Yes,” he confirms. “We will use a tool called Korma to make sure the data is correctly being placed into the database.”

“Oh, I have heard of that. Let’s do it, then,” she says clearly and creates the spec file. “That’s good thinking.”

“You are welcome,” Grapefruit smugly says to Lapadj.

“I liked you more when you were more ignorant,” he states bluntly and the form of the Goddess shakes semi-violently. Anna stares at him and the pretend phone. He looks at her and says: “I need to take care of this.”

“You really do,” Sarela says and it is assumed she is the one that subsequently ends the recording.

–Ending Basic Narration of Recording 19–

TBC is implied