The Adventures of the Trinity and the One Book Series

The Adventures of the Trinity and the One is an epic and offbeat science fiction fantasy book series. It takes place in the universe of Tyra Kolaq'blegae. Tyra Kolaq'blegae holds the federation of planets called 'the Empire.' Humanity, as it is in reality, is present in this universe, but is completely ignorant of the other races of the Empire. In the Empire, magic and technology coexist in harmony, Gods exist, and anything is possible.

The series is broken up into sets. The first four are the Beginnings, related to the start of the Trinity and the One. The next four is the Primordial Essences Saga. Books 9/10 are part of a duology set called 'Crystalline Destiny' (subject to change if I feel like it).

The Beginnings

The Primordial Essences

Crystalline Destiny