Containment Collapse (Book 8)

This is where it ends… All the preceding buildup—it is over. The point of impact is here.


Dien is searching for the Guardian-incarnate—a Human child who is destined to wield the Amulet of Ra—before Malcolm Zfnoc finds them.

Balon Zfnoctewoohi is chasing after the ghost of Hequera to find the Guardian—but only as bait for Malcolm Zfnoc, the being she desires to kill. Spellbinder, Cyclone, King, and Farrco are on the quest to find the final Primordial Essence—the Claim of Containment that devours all reality before it.

Three separate quests that are all interwoven with each other. Whether they succeed or fail independently depends on each other. They may not be alone but will they act like it?

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Vic Fieger for the Edo Font

Released: 08 July 2019