Chronological Order of My Work

This is a rough guide to where each ‘work’ takes place in the timeline, in an absolute sense. Not a recommended reading order at all.

  1. The Fall of the Diamondae - ‘Vashwva’
  2. Post-Diamondae - The Lost
  3. The Beginning of Mechanicha - ‘The Liberation’
  4. ‘Going’ can pretty much slot anywhere, but I’m leaning towards pre-war.
  5. Caraseis War:
  6. Post-Caraseis War (Generally any order works, though Ghost is more immediate):
  7. The Start of the Series:
  8. How to Stop Wildfire
  9. Harmonic Waves
  10. Threads that Bind the Tempest
  11. Of Fractured Edges
  12. Expansion Expression
  13. The Madness of Light
  14. ‘Sepulcher of Shadows’
  15. The Corruption of Dark
  16. Containment Collapse
  17. Emerald Haze
  18. Amethyst Shards