Of Fractured Edges (Book 4)

The last of the Trinity and the One’s secrets are revealed.

In the days following their latest quest, the Trinity and the One are recovering. The harrowing events of the Diamondae Machine have affected each member of the Trinity and the One. Spellbinder, Cyclone, and Farrco have become more emboldened than ever because of their experiences. King Fla’neiel, however, has made the decision to leave. Without word or explanation, King seemingly abandons his comrades.

Refusing to leave King to his mysterious fate, Cyclone, Spellbinder, and Farrco set out to find him. King’s fractured past and being litter their path as they try to understand all of his enigmas. What they find at the end of it may be too much for even the Trinity and the One to bear.

Released: 31 August 2016


Sad implies a loss, but there is no sign of a loss here. Just a lack.
Farrco, The Emptiness of Why
Malnoren. Aye. Finally, you have said it, finally. That is my name and your name. It should be roared out to the entirety of existence. Malnoren. It is I that is you in all truth. You are nothing but a shade of me. Malnoren.
Malnoren, Interlude IV: Name
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What did she know? Nothing. (Everything.)
Interlude VI: Green and Red
Ends are like beginnings, so could it not also be ‘the great beginning?’
Qua’wva, Interlude VI: Green and Red
The bracelet that had been passed from Kings and Queens to their successors since the first Flana who rose without chains of slavery on them carved out a culture and identity for themselves when all that was known to them was slavery and obedience and yet they found freedom again in all the tradition they made to so near to the end of all that culture by a weapon of their old masters and since then it had been passed between a dead Jalon and the last of their race that would ever hold it.
So much has changed, Farrco thought. It is hard to believe but not hard to accept.
Farrco, Faded Fire

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