Shalaeyah! Welcome to the Spine of the Empire.

Shalaeyah means 'hello' in Tyra Tarkush. Tyra Tarkush is the first language in the world of my book series. 'The Spine of the Empire' in that same world is the communication network of the Empire, the organization and government of the races in the universe.

In this world, it is the website concerning all things related to my main book series, the Adventures of the Trinity and the One, and its world. Here you can find updates on the series, random musings, and in depth posts on pieces of the world.

The World

Whenever I reference 'my world', there's a lot that's going into it that may not be apparent to those uninitiated. It is a sprawling, complicated mythos that I have developed nearly all of my life. There is more than that can be explained in a paragraph or list, but here's a taste of what my world has teeming within it:

The Series

Set in that world is The Adventures of the Trinity and the One book series and most of my short stories. The series has eight books and counting. The series is broken up into sub-sets with specific themes and arcs.

The first set is called the 'The Beginnings', with the first book of the entire series being How to Stop Wildfire. 'The Beginnings' is about the initial formation of the divine group called the Trinity and the One, and true to name, that goes on adventures. It is a series of character studies and quirky adventures of the four unique cast members. Beyond that...not going to say!

Meet the core cast:

How do I get started?

Simple! You can contact me to get an e-copy of How to Stop Wildfire or visit its page find the link to order the print copy off of Lulu directly.

I do not charge for the e-copy and the Lulu copy is priced so it is cheapest for those buying it. But if you wish to support me...

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Recent Posts from the Blog

Merch Store Opened!

🗓 23 Feb 2020

After acquiring stock of merch in the form of Cyclone stickers and King Magnets, I’ve decided to open up a little Square Online Store. I believe I’ve set it up OK for this super…light-weight usage. I will need to change things if I get a ton of orders/weird ones, but this is just to start. Feedback much appreciated. Here’s the link to it (also in the top nav).

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Great/Important Angel Pronunciations

🗓 20 Jan 2020
Great/Important Angel Pronunciations

Important Angel character name pronunciations. I need to draw the other Archangels…

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Sticker Mule Magnetic Milestone: King Fla'neiel

🗓 14 Jan 2020
Sticker Mule Magnetic Milestone: King Fla'neiel

This is the third part in my Sticker Mule adventure. The third act twist comes as the latest products I have ordered are not stickers, but…magnets. Magnets of How to Stop Wildfire’s first character, the first introduced character ever in the series: King Fla’neiel! The artwork I did of King that was to be made as magnets was of his helmet in a sea of black with dual lightning bolts as the sides. More abstract than the stickers of Spellbinder...

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Pronunciations of the Races of Tyra Kolaq'blegae

🗓 05 Jan 2020

Finally! A video of me saying all of the race names of Tyra Kolaq’blegae (sans Humans) outloud. Fravier is a really weird one, yes, I know. As for the others, the inflection may change depending on context/my feelings.

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