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Welcome to The Spine of the Empire.

Shalaeyah means 'hello' in Tyra Tarkush. Tyra Tarkush is the 'first' language in the world of my book series. 'The Spine of the Empire', in that same world, is the communication network of the Empire, the organization and government of the races in the universe.

In this world, it is the website concerning all things related to my main book series, the Adventures of the Trinity and the One, and its world. Here you can find updates on the series, random musings, and in depth posts on pieces of the world.

The Series (1-4)

The Adventures of the Trinity and the One is a science-fiction/fantasy book series that follows the divine group called the Trinity and the One. Their adventures take them all across the universe known as Tyra Kolaq'blegae. Tyra Kolaq'blegae is home to over thirty alien races, trillions of years of history, and an Empire of essentially immortal beings.

The Characters


  • Xinlara by Reiesu
    Xinlara by Reiesu
  • Balon Zfnoctewoohi by Erika Hollice
    Balon Zfnoctewoohi by Erika Hollice
  • Hades by Reiesu
    Hades by Reiesu
  • Marcus + Jessica by Reiesu
    Marcus + Jessica by Reiesu
  • Nefertiti Magayak by Reiesu
    Nefertiti Magayak by Reiesu
  • Ramulein by Reiesu
    Ramulein by Reiesu
  • King by Malgamma
    King by Malgamma
  • Rayacha Chajaran by Erika Hollice
    Rayacha Chajaran by Erika Hollice
  • Lana Zfhi by Erika Hollice
    Lana Zfhi by Erika Hollice
  • Dien by Haasio
    Dien by Haasio
<h2>About the Author: Sarah Sunday</h2>

About the Author: Sarah Sunday

The series, its world, the characters, all of it, are things that I have developed over the course of my entire-thinking life. I love weaving narratives together, breathing life into these characters, and building this world up. This is the enduring passion of my life that has neither a clear beginning nor an end in sight.

If you want to learn more about me specifically, you can head to my personal website.

Or want to chat? Email me!


Website Design & Logo Updates!

Website Design & Logo Updates!

If you’ve been on the Spine recently, you may have noticed that things are very different now in terms of design. The Spine has has a pretty major face lift. I received some advice from a designer friend of mine, Kelly Rauwerdink, on The Spine of the Empire’s website design, mostly focused on the home page. There was a lot to take in and a lot to improve. The Major Design Changes The home page, save some copy, was gutted...

🗓 20 Feb 2021
📁 Updates

Commissioned Art of Dien!

Commissioned Art of Dien!

As a member of the main cast, commissioning Dien was inevitable. But, Dien, by nature, was going to be trickier to get done. As a Dracite, she really has no commonality with a Human at all…as she is a Dracite. As in, a Dragon. Dragon artwork is a specialty of its own, so I knew I had to find someone who was specialized in it. But, thankfully, I knew someone who excelled in this type of work and that I...

🗓 15 Feb 2021
📁 Media