Harmonic Waves (Book 2)

A universe-wide conspiracy looms on the horizon, and the newly formed Trinity and the One are appointed to stop it.

While the Trinity and the One are introducing themselves to the Empire, they are interrupted by the news of a bombing on Jalon. To demonstrate their worth to themselves and to the Empire, the Trinity and the One are sent to the unravel the mystery of the attack and stop whoever is responsible.

The Trinity and the One are a group of supposedly divinely ordained heroes. They are King Fla’neiel, the last of Flana, Spellbinder, the universe’s only robot to be able to use magic, Cyclone, the questionably insane Jalon who is the so-called Apprentice of the Grim Reaper, and Farrco, a robot that has only recently gained self-awareness.

Although they have nothing but the thin thread of fate tying them together, Fla’neiel, Spellbinder, Cyclone, and Farrco each have their own reasons for dedicating themselves to the idea of the Trinity and the One.

Released: 09 September 2015


He should have returned to his comrades. He should and could have offered them salvation from the ignorant desperation they were probably writhing in. But he did not.
Do I regret it? No. I am Cyclone. I was Xinlara. I could not get you back. I cannot get myself back. This is what it is and here I am with all my meager parts.
Cyclone, Catharsis of Heart
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We all have our own fates. Defined by either a greater fate or by lesser whim. Yet they are our own.
Farrco, Teleportation and Gossip

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Naima Ben Ayed for the Tulpen One Font

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