The Lost

A novella set after the fall of the Diamondae.

Set soon after the Diamondae's disappearance, The Lost concerns the journey of two former slaves: Yul'kel and Tzu'rla. They are paired together to explore a Diamondae ruin. Before they can conduct their search, they are swept away into another realm.

In this realm, the Kolaq'blegae zf Ruksh, they meet strange beings that force them to question their nascent identities and confront their lingering fears and pain regarding their past as slaves of the Diamondae.


IM FELL English Pro by Igino Marini


“Yul’kel,” he said softly, voice quivering, “could you stop thinking so openly? Please.”
Tzu'rla, Chapter 1: Exploration
In the distance, through the obscurity of trees and greenery, the twisted towers and angled chaos of the Diamondae awaited.
Chapter 1: Exploration
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“Here, we exist outside of conventional time,” Scorpion said, “so, while here, what use is that concept? Only the basics matter. Before, long and short, and after, long and short. And, of course, now.”
Scorpion, Chapter 11: Scorpion

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Released: 04 June 2022

The Pair from Tyra Kolaq'blegae


Yul’kel is a Jalon. She was born and raised under Diamondae slavery. She acted as an enforcer for them—forced to put down her own people at the will of the Diamondae. She bears scars in and out: her head is marred with large striking scars given to her by the Diamondae. She is cynical but has taken on the duty of helping the fledgling federation. She is unsure of if there is any future for anyone.


Tzu’rla is a Sacon. He was born into the Diamondae Sacon hive mind and when the Diamondae disappeared he was greeted with new found individuality and autonomy. However, with this new found freedom, he has quickly taken to the fledgling federation of races that has arisen post the Diamondae enslavement. He has become a dutiful, but timid proponent of progress. He is unsure of himself.

The Kolaq'blegae zf Ruksh

All Gods have the right to make their own ‘afterlife’—their own special realm tailored to their Godly domain.

One realm stood apart from all others for its maker, Usana, was the Goddess of Dimensions. This Godly realm was the Kolaq’blegae zf Ruksh: the Dimension of the Lost.

Those that found themselves there, the Lost, need not be dead nor they need not be alive either. They were whisked by Usana’s will and whisked out by her will as well. While there, though, one thing was certain they were lost—lost to themselves or lost to all knowledge.

Inhabitants of the Kolaq'blegae zf Ruksh

The inhabitants of the Dimension of the Lost are strange and one-of-a-kind: from a scorpion to a seemingly undead being named 'Pharaoh'.

Scene Illustrations/Map (Spoilers!)

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The Lost Rough Map
Map of the Locations, uses assets from atypikk_mazenc