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Jurak's Day

A cunning detective must work with his volatile former enemy to prevent further chaos in this action-adventure story.

Jurak's Day begins with the titular Jurak, a Halihathrow detective, stopping an attack on his world's capital by a Magaya. After saving the city from destruction, he must work with that same Magaya, the mage Nitocris, to foil the larger plot at work.

The original 'pilot', the first act of the story, can be read here.


AR Sullivan for the artwork

Released: 03 October 2023

The Duo

Jurak, the Detective - Hathon

Jurak, as a Hathon, has four eyes and legs and his primary appendages are four tentacles that sprout from his rectangular head. At least one of these tentacles is cybernetic—he won't say which one(s), though.

He's a well regarded investigator of Hathon's forces who is known for his keen mind and quick thinking. He typically moves around on a transport disc.

Nitocris Kularoh, the Mage - Magaya

Other races can use magic, but not like the Magaya can. And magic was what was used to attack Halihathrow's capital city—magic of Nitocris, a Magaya, enhanced by a Mana Shard. Mana Shards are pieces of pure mana—incredibly powerful and dangerous. In the wrong hands, they can bring about calamity. Why was one in Nitocris's hands and why did she attack the capital of Halihathrow with it?

Those are questions Nitocris will be interrogated about at the start of the next part of the story. Nitocris is impulsive with a bit of a ferocious personality so the interrogation will not be easy for Jurak...

The City - Varpesh, Capital of Hathon

Varpesh Region Map

Scene Illustrations

Show Illustrations (Spoilers!)

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