Threads that Bind the Tempest (Book 3)

The Trinity and the One's latest adventure threatens to unravel both themselves and the universe.

In the months following the Trinity and the One’s success in preventing the Demon Chief Sargon from invading Tyra Kolaq’blegae, Cyclone, King, Spellbinder, and Farrco have been waiting for their next quest. It finally comes to them from a pair of researchers who believe that the laws of reality are being modified. Setting out to discover the truth of this hypothesis, the group endeavors to untangle the web of mysteries surrounding it.

The Trinity and the One journey across time and space to find the source of the manipulation of reality and stop it from altering the universe further. The quest takes them into the end of their previous incarnations, the former Trinity, and forces them to confront their own identities as the new Trinity and the One. Terror and madness lurk on their path as the impossible becomes reality.

The tempest at the center of it all awaits whatever is left of the Trinity and the One.

Released: 27 March 2016


Let it be whisked away into the winds of being...
Spellbinder, Floating
That answer was the closest he could currently get to truth to describe the situation. As the admission of ignorance spiraled through the air of the no-idea of where they were, the idea of ‘where’ became an illusion. Reality blended into something new and shredded the old.
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The power to rewrite reality on a whim. To defy the rules of existence. It is the highest form of freedom and power. To defy something is to be in full appreciation of that thing. Thus to use this machine is…devotion...
Spellbinder, Storm Break
“Spellbinder,” that voice was spoken once more. “This is not the way.”
Farrco, Storm Break

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Érico Lebedenco for the Yellow Magician Font

JWildfire for allowing me to generate the cover art

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