Amethyst Shards (Book 10)

The end of this first great saga has arrived...


The Guardian-Incarnate is safe but the Amulet of Ra has been taken by the Emerald Cult. The Trinity and the One quest to seize it, protect it, and discover the future that comes after it all.

Malcolm Zfnoc, still missing to them, searches for lost relics and meaning in the new era.

And so the finale of the arcs that started with How to Stop Wildfire and beyond are here with the Trinity and the One fully united.

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Twilight is the only balance and there is no balance to it. There is only eternal frustration and agitation and pain and intensity and corruption and madness and all else.
Balon Zfnoctewoohi, Black and Purple


Igor Kosinsky for the Library 3 AM Font

Released: 30 November 2021