The Corruption of Dark (Book 7)

In the dark, one will understand. In the dark, one sees truly. In the dark, the Trinity and the One will find what they have been seeking. In the dark, Hequera will find what she has been unknowingly needing.

This story always began with Hequera. This story that started with a sacrifice and a jump. This story that has always pulsed in the background, apart and independent from the rest of the goings of Buhukiea.

This story is of seven’s quest for the Amulet of Ra and the Guardian come again. This story is as divine as the advent of the Trinity and the One themselves, as important as Balon Zfnoctewoohi’s being, and as tangled in all the events of late as any of them.

How tangled, how related, how connected, none of them knew in full truth. Not Hequera, not the Trinity and the One, and not Balon Zfnoctewoohi. The dark waiting for them, however, did.

The dark had its own story and that story intersects all of them.

But this story…this story began with Hequera.

But does it end with Hequera?

Released: 11 July 2018


“We have so much time to live,” Tosh said as they reached the highest peak of the temple. “Any regret can be corrected by future actions. So no, I would change nothing. If I would, I would rather do it myself in the present.”
Tosh, Admiration of Things Past
“I would forego the reality of it for the memories,” Xesh summarized and Hequera almost felt herself taken away.
Xesh, A Chat on Choices
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“Failure can be beautiful too,” Chag said to the audience of one.
Chag, The Fading Glimmer
They embraced each other as Human equals all the while, in truth, being something very else. The sun was setting beyond them but there was this and through their conviction maybe it would always be.
The Setting of the Sun
Dien lulled herself back and opened her eyes to all that was truly here with her. The constellation of connections swirled around her. The pulsing beat of identities meeting each other. Finding each other. Knowing and defining each other. It was limitless in breadth and beauty.

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