Healthy Ideas - 5


–Beginning Basic Narration of Recording 18–

“I am good,” Lapadj huffs, his breathing clearly heaving. “Is it recording?”

The answer is obviously yes, but Lapadj is unaware of this truth so Sarela affirms it by saying: “Aye.”

“Good. Good.”

Lapadj shifts as much as he can in the closet. Grapefruit is still perched on a particular shelf of the storage system and Lapadj is stills standing upright. Sarela is, of course, floating somewhere unseen in the midst of them. Her vague outline is now shown on the recording as part of my analysis of it.

“So, Grapefruit, are you now sure of how easy it could be for you to lose your title of God?” Sarela inquires, voice smooth and mellifluous. “Especially in that soft, pliable form that you are currently in.”

She mumbles a muted: “Aye.”

“You need to pick something Human and distinctly…inauspicious,” Lapadj says, waving one of his hands around mildly. “It would make sense if you chose something related to your field of expertise. Something technologically related.”

“That would make sense,” Sarela concurs with a mild snicker. “What about one of those small rectangle things Humans have started to carry around lately. Phones?”

“They are called smart phones,” Lapadj says with a Human nod. “A guild called ‘Apple’ makes-“

“Another fruit!” Grapefruit exclaims. “They made a Macintosh computer. Then there is another fruit-named company–Blackberry. They make small devices as well. It was truly fortuitous that I took the name of Grapefruit. It fits right in with these Human companies.”

“That is wonderful. The universe has blessed you with thinking of a mildly relevant name,” Sarela dryly quips. “But that does not fix the problem of your form.”

“But it does!” she exclaims.

And then a moment later Grapefruit transforms into a Human ‘smart-phone.’ The back is facing them and emblazoned on it is a simple depiction of a Grapefruit.

“Actually, it does,” Lapadj agrees, picking up the new body of the Goddess.

He slowly inspects the ‘device.’ The moment he turns it over the screen lights up into an array of pinks and purples. Words flash on the screen.

Then it speaks in the voice of the Goddess herself: “This feels much more natural.”

“I would hope so,” the Szarehan says. “That solves that.”

“It really does,” he hums and then pauses abruptly. “Piekal. We have been gone quite a long time.”

“The Human did say a little break,” Sarela points out.

“Humans die quickly, no?” Grapefruit asks. “Time is perceived as moving more swiftly.”

“Aye, we need to get back to work,” Lapadj says hurriedly, spinning around and heading towards the door.

“You mean you do,” Sarela says as the recorder follows Lapadj’s movements.

It follows him right up until he walks right into the door, banging his head against it and making a hoarse cry. Laughing is heard as he mutters for the recording to be shut off and ends when it finally does.

–Ending Basic Narration of Recording 18–

Metacommentary is the only good commentary. I told you I was getting somewhere.