Healthy Ideas - 7

It goes somewhere

I’m really at a loss of some witty remark to say right now. Up here, anyway. I’ve been thinking a great deal about Sargon and certain things that happen in Harmonic Waves (book 2). Resonance, for those that are acquainted with the material. The concept is fascinating and I’m interested in exploring it further. Also Sargon in general. Sargon for president of purgatory.

–Beginning Basic Narration of Recording 20–

“Ugh,” is the first thing that is heard as the recording begins. It is Anna that has said this. “This is getting convoluted. I am not sure if it is a good idea to define an entity and all this just for an integration tests. I’m not saying we shouldn’t test, but that we shouldn’t make it so rigid in how it is defined. It’ll make the test very fragile.” She gestures to the screen, pointing at the lines of the spec file that are the areas she is referencing in her words.

“You do not have to do that,” Grapefruit points out with spoken dialogue.

“You brought them into this mess,” Sarela says. “Now you are trying to help them?”

“I am slowly realizing my Godly abilities,” Grapefruit states. “There are bound to be some…” Subjectively defined ‘pretty’ lights flash softly on the screen.

“Failures?” Sarela supplies.

Grapefruit mumbles something that is best construed as an affirmation. It comes out as a static strewn mess of sound. There is an eight-two percent probability that her utterance is in truth a form of agreement. It is of such magnitude that Sarela comprehends this and laughs.

“Maybe we shouldn’t test it,” Lapadj mutters. “It is becoming very troublesome.”

“No, no, we should test it,” Anna says. “We’re almost there, I know it.”

He sighs. Taking advantage of the slice of silence that has appeared, Grapefruit exclaims, to only Sarela and Lapadj: “Exec-raw!”

The Kharatzara cloaking as a Human scowls slightly. “Perhaps we should use the Java interop to use the same tools that we did in our JUnit tests.”

Anna nods slowly at that. She folds her arm. “That could do it.”

“Exec-raw would do that,” the Goddess nearly shouts. “Please. Listen to me. I am a Goddess. I know things.”

“If you were the Ascended, that would mean something,” Sarela says without any formality. “But you are the God of Programming that was reawakened by this slightly insane Kharatzara.”

“I resent that remark,” Lapadj quickly responds to her. Then he turns to Anna. “Perhaps we should try…‘exec-raw.’”

“Finally!” Grapefruit exclaims.

“Hm. Sure. I don’t see why not.” She makes a little shrugging motion and then gestures for him to continue. “Lead on.”

“I shall,” Lapadj affirms.

Typing out everything he believes he ought to do to make Korma function as he desires, Lapadj eventually completes the test case. He saves the file and waits for confirmation of either his failure or success. The Goddess is validated through his actions: it passes.

“Wow, let me see,” Anna says.

(let [results (korma/exec-raw "SELECT * from posts" :results)]
  (should-not-be-nil results))

“That is simple and it works,” she says, “but what does it actually return?” She does a quick modification of the test to display output and it shows them a map of column names and their corresponding values.

“We can use that to check if the title and content was added correctly,” Lapadj casually comments.

“I could have told you what would have happened,” Grapefruit mutters. “I am here. Why not listen to me?”

“Because it is fun to harass a God,” Sarela answers. “We are Empirian. What do expect from us?”

“That really is a good question,” the Goddess admits.

During the time the Empirian and the Goddess were exchanging quick words, Lapadj and Anna began to add more detailed test cases to their suite. All pass in short time with green hues.

“Nice,” she says. “Now we can do this for all the other Java functions.”

Lapadj, or rather ‘Harrison,’ stares blankly at her. “What? Why did we even bother to write it in Java in the first place?” His voice comes out shrill and sharp.

“That is above our level,” she returns as a whisper, eyes darting to either sides of the room.

Glancing at the recorder and Sarela and Grapefruit, Lapadj makes the motion to kill the recording for a moment. His pale face begins to grow darker and redder. The cloak is functioning perfectly.

“You really think you would lose face from something as small as getting angry at a Human,” Sarela says and her next words are cut off by the recorder ending due to her will.

–Ending Basic Narration of Recording 20–

Ha! Healthy ideas 7 is published on 7/7. LOOK AT THAT.