The Bigger Picture - 1

Sometimes you cannot see the big picture

In-Advance notes because I’m too lazy to figure out footnotes and I love footnotes:

Fast Love is a famous Empirian movie. Every Empirian has basically seen it.

Nefertari is God-King Haeihlseth’s mate that vanished. No one knows where she is. It is a mystery.

–Beginning Basic Narration of Recording 21–

The scene begins in the Human abode of Lapadj, Sarela, and Grapefruit. All three are present in the main space. Lapadj is pacing across it, still cloaked as a Human. Sarela is not invisible; she is glowing a dull orange as mundane Szarehan usually do. Grapefruit is perched on a table.

“I am telling you, there is something going on there,” Lapadj mutters. “Strange goals. Nonsensical paths. It does not make any sense.”

“Humans do not make any sense. How do you know this is not general Human nature?” Sarela inquires. “The point of this was to learn their art, was it not? So we knew little about it to begin with. We are becoming enlightened in their ways and maybe their ways are just stupid.”

“This is beyond general Human stupidity and bureaucracy,” Lapadj replies, turning to her. “This is something more going on there. Maybe something…nefarious.”

“If there actually is, what a serendipity it is that a set of Empirians and a God were to stumble into it,” the Szarehan says dryly. “Maybe we will unearth some grand conspiracy. Maybe at the center of it is the mystery of where Nefertari is. Maybe our recordings will become as famous as Fast Love through our actions. Maybe we will become honorary Trinity members. Maybe Humans will become useful again. Maybe they will try to kill us all again. Maybe they get obliterated again and they finally stay gone. Maybe we get to leave this stupid, forsaken planet.”

All the while during Sarela’s rant, Grapefruit and Lapadj had been staring at her. Their visual sensors are still angled at her. Their minds are no doubt occupied by her words and are desperately trying to figure out a response to those phrases of sarcasm and bitter wishes. Neither Empirian nor God were able to speak immediately following it.

But time passes by and suddenly Grapefruit is the one to finally gain the ability to verbalize: “Well. Maybe.”

“Aye ky,” Lapadj says.

Sarela scoffs. “Paepeik…”

“I actually agree with Lapadj’s instincts. The barest thread of them, anyway,” Grapefruit continues. “There is something going on that we do not fully comprehend. Like a giant puzzle or machine. A program!”

“Pretend I am applauding for you because I am not going to exert the effort to actually do so,” Sarela says.

Lapadj, on the other side of the room, does actually applaud Grapefruit for her statements in support of his ideas. “What do you suppose is going on? What is the end game? Are they actually aware of our existence? Has the Distortion Field failed? Is this a plot of the Distortion Field?”

“I like how two of your conjectures are mutually exclusive to each other,” Sarela mumbles to herself. Her wispy form bubbles as she chuckles.

“It could be a plot and it could be failing,” Lapadj retorts.

“I will give you that,” she replies.

A high pitched noise comes from Grapefruit. It draws the attention of the Empirians to her. They each motion for her to carry on with whatever she desires to say or do.

“I do not have the answer to any of those questions,” she speaks. “Assuming there is an answer. But I have an idea!”

The Kharatzara’s Human body bristles. “Shi sho.”

“It is nothing special going on, but there is something going on. We just cannot see it because we do not have all the information right now. The bigger picture is just beyond our scope so we should work on the little bit we do know.”

“You cannot perceive it?” Lapadj questions. He more demands the answer than questions, but it is still a question.

“No,” Grapefruit answers, barely above a whisper. Her form begins to hop back on the table as Lapadj creeps closer to her.

“You can comprehend Korma but you cannot comprehend this?” Lapadj basically shrieks and then makes a movement to lunge at her.

The Goddess screams as the recorder fizzles out from a burst of cosmic energy that is surely from Sarela.

–Ending Basic Narration of Recording 21–