New Day, New Problems - Part 1

Every day is a blessing

Every single day is special. Magical. I’m sharing the magic with Lapadj, Sarela, and Anna. They deserve it.

–Beginning Basic Narration of Recording 7–

Lapadj, cloaked as Harrison, is walking down a Human street, arriving at the Human office. Sarela is following right beside him.

“Ready for another day?” Sarela asks. “Day two of life as a Human worker. Some tourists have said that time flows by differently due to Human perception and Earth being Earth. How do you feel about that, Lapadj?”

Lapadj pulled open a door with a scoff. “So now you are taking your duty seriously. Whatever. I believe those tourists are partially right. Time feels different because the temporal density of stupid insanity is higher than in the Empire so things feel slower.”

“That is enlightening.”

“Not really.” Lapadj glances around and ventures to the particular work-area he was previously assigned to. “Gods.” He looks at the few people that are present in the building, already toiling at their terminals.

“Gods, indeed,” Sarela murmurs. “Overachievers. Do you think that Anna is already here?”

“Is that a question?” Lapadj asks and wanders to the kitchen area. The view shifts to allow vision into the room. Inside of it, acquiring the drink coffee, is the Human female Anna. Her skin appears to be a darker shade of light brown in the dull lighting.

“I guess it is not.”

“It is not. Isn’t,” Lapadj sounds out the contraction. “I really need to use contractions.”

Sarela makes a hacking noise of disgust. As if hearing the sound that the Empirian made, Anna turns around, cup in hand and smiles slightly at ‘Harrison’s’ form in the doorway.

“Hi! Good morning!” She waves with her free hand and begins to come over to him.

Lapadj stiffens slightly at her approach but relaxes a second after. “Good morning, yes. Dawn has arrived.”

“Can you sound more awkward?” Sarela pauses. “No. Wait. I know you can.”

“It really has,” Anna speaks, glancing out the window to see the bright day. “Excited to get back to work?”

“Sure. What are we doing?” ‘Harrison’ inquires.

“I don’t think we have any specific programming thing to work on right now. Just making sure out PR with our Postgres code goes through without problem.” She walks past him, forcing him to shuffle away, to their computer. “Let’s see if we have any comments or suggestions about our pull request.”

“Okay,” Lapadj sounds out as organically as he possibly can. It is not perfectly Human, but it is probably the best an Empirian with little passion for touring could ever muster. “Because there might be…things that the others might want our code to do that we did…didn’t do.”


They sit down a few moments later, Anna not caring at her partner’s lack of coherent phrasing. She logs into the computer and pulls up the page of their pull request. There are multiple comments gracing its simple, flat format. Some positive, some ambivalent, and a few suggestive. Anna focuses in on a particular point of that last one.

“Interesting…” she whispers as she reads the comments over while sipping from her cup.

Lapadj tilts his head and body to peer at the screen. Sarela focuses in on just as well.

“It never ends,” he mutters only to Sarela.

“I believe in you.”

“Thank you.”

“Okay, so, I think what he is saying is that we need to make it so it’d be easy to have multiple different data-types for storing information,” Anna talks about the comment. “Not just Posgres.”

“That can be done with our code,” Lapadj states.

“Not really.” She takes a swig of coffee. “So when a repository or something wants to use something like our PostgresData class, they’d need to specifically choose that one.”


“Yeah, but we should make it so they could use like an object that has a specific sets of methods that would work for all different types of information so it wouldn’t care what data type it is, just that it can do those methods.”

Lapadj nods. “That is rational, but at some point we would have to choose which one to use.”

“True, but there are programming patterns for that. We just have to deal with making it more extendable,” Anna explains.

“Wouldn’t a possible solution be making an interface?” Lapadj smirks and nods at himself at that display of his self-deigned ingenuity.

“That would work,” Anna replies with a grin. “It would define the methods any implementor has to have and so we’d know for certain that any instance had those methods. I like it.”


“Let’s start on that in a sec–I’m going to get some more coffee.” She raises up from her seat and heads to the kitchen.

“Okay,” Lapadj says in her wake. He blinks at Sarela, knowing the vicinity of her presence.

“Good morning, eh?” the Szarehan remarks.

He sighs and the scene spirals out as he begins a rant.

–Ending Basic Narration of Recording 7–

To Be Continued.