A Rise - Part 2

An old combatant enters the fray.

Consistency is pleasing, is it not?

As previously stated, this is a continuation of Shajayu’s personal logs. Enjoy her personality.

–Playing Shajayu’s Personal Log 2–

That something is a pathetic presence. It takes corporeal form as the sound of water dripping in large quantities, of ragged breathing, and of clumsy steps echoing down the hall.

I follow the trail of sound. There is no secrecy in it, no attempt at masking. It is plain to hear, plain to know, and plain to hunt. I, determined as always, walk towards its center.

And I meet it.

The gall of it is enough to make me flinch. There, before my vision, lumbering down the Human garage, is an uncloaked Empirian. A Sawapash weak and weary. There is no doubt in my Neraq that this is one of the combatants I have traced. This is part of the source of the power fluctuations.

This is an Empirian that has defied the laws of the glorious Empire.

My mind reaches out to him.

Shalaeyah, Sawapash, I say.

He flinches more than I did. His body recoils, his head turns wildly on its neck. He tries to look for me. He shall not see me. Not until I reveal myself.

“Shalaeyah. Where are you, Sacon?” he cries out.

Another flagrant violation of the Contract. His punishment will be swift and merciless. But I must know where his comrades in this blasphemy are.

“Right before you,” I respond to him as I flick my wrist, commanding a piece of technology to teleport us into a secluded pocket dimension.

The moment we land is when I reveal my form to him. His blue eyes widen and his gills, submerged in the ring of encased water, flare out. He is obviously appreciating my form.

“What do you want?” he seethes. A cough rumbles from his mouth and he clutches his sides. He was not the victor of the battle: that is already clear to me.

“I want to know,” I say.

Using the Sacon art of telekinesis, I raise his body from the ground and begin to probe his meager mind.

–End of Shajayu’s Personal Log 2–

The exciting parts are next. Shajayu really does not hesitate. A true ruthless Empirian.

I may or may not be getting somewhere.