A Rise - Part 1

A new combatant enters the fray.

I scolded myself for not writing more of this, and in general, so I did this. Starting the year off RIGHT.

Before I begin, a reminder: I did warn you this one would be interesting.

–Playing Shajayu’s Personal Log 1–

The ground is wet.

This is known to me with approximately one-hundred-percent certainty from various evidence. Including, but not limited to: the way light hits it, the subtle humidity in the air, and the slick feel of the ground as I step across it. Detailing all other relevant data points is irrelevant.

I am recording my actions to be shared at a later time for the benefit of the Sacon-Magaya-Eisatanlon Empire. My actions being my righteous investigation into Empirian activities (excluding my own, a proxy for the Empire’s will) on Earth. There have been disturbances in the area. Clear fluctuations in power signals that are without a doubt Empirian in origin. There are other Empirians here, Empirians without the decency to observe the law and stay quiet. They are potentially further altering the development of the nascent, tainted Humans. This cannot be condoned.

That is my reason for being in the middle of a Human structure. The structure is primarily gray in hue. There are pillars holding up tilted planes. Dim lights shine at various points. As I mentioned previously, the ground is wet. I lean down and swipe my lithe hands over it. I am not cloaked in the guise of a Human; I merely have made myself imperceptible to their sight. This way I am not sullied by their image. This way I have access to the glorious tactile sensation of a Sacon.

The substance is indeed water. I raise a few drops into the air and inspect it closer. My Empirian sensors inform me that it did not originate from Earth. It was conjured by some method.

The potential reasons for why are clear to me.

There are two races that would conjure water in a fight. A fight is assuming because there are markings of an altercation occurring in this area and the surging of power was what drew me here. These two races are the Magaya and the Sawapash. The Magaya is unlikely because there is little residue in the air of mana required for magic or the remnants of magic being performed. Thus it must be a Sawpash.

Or one race must not be well-suited to water and the opponent had to have had the capability to bring forth it in such quantities.

The Sawapash being a combatant is most likely. The other is less so.

In the air I sense a muddled mess of energy that could come from a variety of different sources. Some of it is even unknown to me. I do not have enough information to determine the race of the Empirian responsible.

I step down the plane leaving the water in my wake. I look at all available directions with my eyes and all senses. Searching for more information. Searching for a lead in my mission. Searching for something.

There is nothing and then there is something.

–End of Shajayu’s Personal Log 1–

That was quite a break from the normal stupidity of Lapadj and Sarela. I find Shajayu quite wonderful. She has a flare for the dramatic that feels apt rather than forced by a pathetic being.

Another of her logs will be next.

This was refreshing. I actually really liked this one. I might make her first arc of logs into a short story of its own at some point.