2022 in Review

2022 was an interesting year. I was able to finish a great deal of old, random projects and try new things after completing Amethyst Shards last year. It was a quasi-break year but also a year of experimentation and wrap-ups. Anyway, here’s my top seven Spine-related events.

#7 More Character Development Spotlights

I completed character spotlight posts for Cyclone, King, Spellbinder, and Farrco. Dien is still pending hers and then I’ll be done with the Trinity and the One cast.

It was both challenging and cathartic writing these up, trying to distill my thoughts on each of these characters that are so close to my heart.

#6 Paper Mache Spiders

After a long hiatus on my books-as-art project, finally got around to making paper mache TMOL/TCOD spiders. Did them both at once. They turned out pretty well. I need to figure out how I’ll be doing EH/AS. I might actually go back to hand-binding again…we’ll see.

#5 Jurak’s Day Kickstarter

Jurak's Day Splash Art

I tried launching a Kickstarter! It failed, but it was fun putting it together. Learned a lot from it. I might try it again sometime.

I still want to write the full Jurak’s Day at some point, but I’m currently focused on getting book 11 done next.

#4 Tyra Tarkush Development History

This development history post was an involved process to put together, but it was worth it. To sort of revisit my creative journey and share it…very cool.

#3 Commissions

I started working with AR Sullivan this year and it was wonderful and very productive! The full main cast has been completed. I have more commissions planned for 2023, but I have work to do in getting prepped for them.

#2 Random Short Stories

I finished/wrote quite a few short stories this year:

It felt good to work on these misc. stories and share more of my world. I’m working on another super short story right now about Void Walkers. I will hopefully finish it in 2022!

#1 The Lost Finished

The Lost Cover

After many years of languishing, I finally finished my novella, The Lost. I started it many years ago, around the same time of Harmonic Waves, I think, and now it’s finally complete. Boom! Very pleased with it. Despite being short, it’s still a big milestone for me.


It was a varied, productive year. I’m proud of all the things I tried and achieved this year. I hope 2023 meets and exceeds this bar.

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