2023 in Review

2023, like 2022 was another mixed bag of things. I didn’t get as much done as I’d like, but there was definitely a variety of new and exciting things accomplished.

#7 Catoverse - Unrelated Project

I’ve begun an unrelated writing project for fun that’s been dubbed the Catoverse. It involves these stories and their world. I’m writing a larger work (probably a full length novel) set in that world with the character Cato. We’ll see if it ever gets done. It gets the bottom ranking because it is not in-verse.

#6 Anthology of the Empire

I keep forgetting about it, but I did build and launch The Anthology of the Empire this year, which is a place to search stories from both myself and other authors.

#5 Commissions

Only three commissions done this the year, but still deserves a ranking. I don’t have any plans for more commissions next year. My lack of strong ideas is why it stopped early in the year.

#4 Angel Prose Poems

I wrote a set of four prose poems, one for each of the sects of Angels. Was a fun exercise. I’m thinking of doing it for random Paeyk tribes next. We’ll see.

#3 Book 11 Progress

Although it is not done, I made good progress on the 11th book (which will probably titled as a volume in a sub-series instead of as a book). I hope to get it wrapped up next year. It’s been a rougher journey than expected.


I purchased Wonderdraft and made some maps! It’s pretty fun and interesting to properly map out areas. I hope to continue making maps for various locations.

Varpesh Region Map

#1 Jurak’s Day

I actually finished writing the full-novella of Jurak’s Day, which takes the top spot for being the only major writing work I really completed this year.

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