Book Art: TMOL/TCOD as Spiders

Book Art: TMOL/TCOD as Spiders

Finally got around to making paper mache book art copies of The Madness of Light and The Corruption of Dark. It should be no surprise that they were both made into the form of a spider.

Spiders are more complicated than a Clam or a Scorpion, so a wire ‘skeleton’ was used to create their structure before applying paper mache layers around it. I applied multiple rounds of layers onto it to build it up, air drying in between rounds.

All the pages used for it sans the outermost layer are from Expansion Expression, since I had leftover pages from the Scorpion paper mache project. I printed a few pages from each respective book to apply to its spider.

After the last layer was applied and dried, I painted both of them. One with white paint, one with black paint, of course. The bottoms aren’t painted.

Finished paper mache spiders

They look pretty good, not exactly what I had envisioned, but good enough. Definitely was a step up in the paper mache game!

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