Short Story on The End of the Second Generation Humans

Short Story on The End of the Second Generation Humans

Another new short story! But it is not new.

I originally wrote this scene in ~2015 in a compilation file containing three (including this) random world event stories plus a chapter titled Malechak with no content…which was intended to basically be ‘To Steal a Race with a Race’.

I recently decided I was going to try to wrap up as many of these random half-finished/sketch-like stories as I could before I started fully on book 11, so I with this one since it was in the ‘best’ shape. I rewrote/heavily revised it and so here it is! I might ‘Vashwva’ it again (i.e. revise in a few years), but it gets the job done. The dialogue between Mariopa and Jar’jul on worship is mentioned in a few books in the series so it’s cool to finally be able to share how this meeting effectively went down.

I had also drawn two pieces of art for this sequence way back, both featured in the short story page. One piece is of Catasore swiping over Earth (shown above too) and the other is Mariopa holding onto Jar’jul (named differently then) in a Pietà-like position (you can see it below as well). That does not happen exactly in the short story, though.

The Apology Scene Drawing of 'This is not a punishment, this is an apology

My intent is to clean up one other story from that compilation file and post it too. The remaining other one is set in the far future so it will be incorporated into a future work.

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