Jurak's Day: A New Short Story

Jurak’s Day is a new short story about a Halihathrow investigator having an interesting day that quickly gets dangerous.

I originally wrote some of it out in 2016 (?) and did some (?) work on it in 2017. Its premise was about a Halihathrow named Jurak having a weird day and having to unravel some conspiracy. I originally imagined it involving a time loop, somehow, but I was uncomfortable introducing that concept, so I wrote it as some weird stretch of days then it fizzled out because I didn’t really have a coherent plot from there.

The rest of the plot came to me as I pushed on writing it in 2022. During this process of finishing it, I also decided that it would not have any dialogue. I originally imagined it as something noir-esque originally, but it became more Sherlock Holmes-y as I got into it. The introduction of Jurak and his day is pretty much the same as the incomplete first draft, though. Same vibe, anyway.

I had a lot of fun writing this once I got into it. I’m actually thinking I might continue it at some point. I left the door open for more. Not sure if it’d be a proper novella or book, or just a trio of short stories or something…but the possibility is there. This is like a pilot/first episode of something more.

Anyway, enjoy it and read it here!

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