How to Stop Wildfire Seventh Anniversary

How to Stop Wildfire Seventh Anniversary

My last anniversary post was ruminating on being focused with Amethyst Shards and that not being done. Now, it is.

So on this seventh anniversary of How to Stop Wildfire, I am…still a little focused on AS, but more what that represents and means. As in, the conclusion of the ten book arc, and how much more I can talk about the entire journey now that this major step is done.

And what comes next.

Or rather, what is going on now: finishing The Lost. Now that the ten book arc is done, I was freed to wrap up that project that has effectively languished for seven years. That’s right: I started The Lost not long after HTSW was released.

And this year it will get done. Seven years since HTSW was done and seven years that The Lost has been waiting to be finished.

And when that’s done…well, I am not sure if I will do more one-off works that have been on my radar or dive right back into the series. I’ll figure that out soon.

But besides future looking, seven years! This feels way closer to ten than six. I don’t know why, but it feels so much longer than just one year more than six. It has been an extremely eventful year, so maybe that is why. It is what it is and 8, 9, 10, are going to be even bigger milestone moments. The longer the time goes on, the more older I feel each year. The more distant I am to that me that wrote HTSW.


Distance does not mean change, necessarily. I’m still me, just…older. The series is still what it is…just older and far more fleshed out. And it will continue to grow and age just as I will.

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