Philosophy: The Highest Form of Devotion is Destruction

“The most highest form of use and appreciation of existence and life is the act of destruction of it.” - Cyclone, Harmonic Waves

“For destruction is the highest form of devotion…” - Ra, Emerald Haze

Above are two selected quotes from the series regarding the philosophy that destroying something is the highest form of devotion towards something. At first, this idea may seem nonsensical, but it makes sense from a certain perspective. Cyclone, a devout Empirian, explains it very well in Harmonic Waves:

“The destruction of freedom is the highest form of freedom. To take your own life is the highest form of devotion to the idea of life as free.”

If you’re truly free, you can destroy your own freedom—you can end it willingly. To destroy it is proof of that true freedom, of ultimate, unrestrained devotion to the ideal of it. It demonstrates the blazing free will we have and the ability to control our own existence. To control the end of it. It is a testament that has such unflinching finality to it. You destroy what you love, what you are devoted to, to own it, to make it fully known how important it was through the destruction. It is a crisp, absolute end that is also a summation of all that came before.

This devotion is to show the power of free will and destruction we have and to use it to honor the existence we have. It could be looked at as some form of sacrifice…or as a matter of self discipline. It is a matter that is more self-serving and idealogical than towards the tangible. It can take the form of tangible, but it’s related to that which exists beyond it. Internal ownership and external devotion.

Destruction itself is not always going to be understood as devotion nor should it be. It has to be deliberate and earned. Religious rituals performed without intent are meaningless—this is the same. But we must remember also to not worship too strongly or else it would be a blasphemy of the highest order.

So, to destroy knowingly is to demonstrate devotion in the highest form towards existence, but we must not be so haughty or else devotion would transform into blasphemy.

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