Themes Moving Forward

Some Threads that Bind the Tempest allusions

For the first four books in the series, there were clear elemental and color themes. How to Stop Wildfire was red and fire, Harmonic Waves was blue and water, Threads that Bind the Tempest was yellow and wind, and Of Fractured Edges was green and earth. But those are the first four themes: What are the The Adventures of the Trinity and the Ones themes moving forward?

The answer lies clearly within the text of Threads that Bind the Tempest. Four objects, the presumed next major quest of the Trinity and the One, are introduced. If you have read the book and are up to date you know what they are, if not I will not go into much detail. These four objects have a concept attached to them. Not something so concrete like an element, but an idea. These ideas are more readily convertible into the themes moving forward for the series and are more 'free' to interpretation.

These ideas are:

Book 5 Book 6 Book 7 Book 8
Expansion Light (Lesser Order) Dark (Lesser Chaos) Containment/Contraction

So how the themes play through in the book are going to be far more subtle than in the previous four installments of the series. It is an abstract representation with some more literal applications that will be apparent to those that know what they represent in terms of the story itself.

I'm actually quite excited to be doing something different than elements/colors. Elements/colors are typical story motifs. You have books that kids in literary analysis classes look at and dissect the novel's use of colors or something sort of mundane. The first four books are kind of like that. The colors and elements serve a purpose and are clearly a prominent theme. There are other books, however, that have different themes like freedom and slavery. The next four books in The Adventures of the Trinity and the One will be more of that ilk; themes that are of ideas that are more open for interpretation than of being a pattern to merely notice. It's going to be interesting, not particularly different or anything. I'm still going to be writing the same way but the subtleties for the reader to unearth will be different and applied by a different stroke.

Different can be good and the themes moving forward will surely breathe a new style to the series and open it up to new possibilities. Fitting that the first book in the next four will be Expansion. I'm expanding the series into new territory, and hopefully expanding the reader enjoyment.

Also, probably, the word count, but we'll have to see about that when I'm done writing them, haha.

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