Tyra Tarkush: Numerology

Tyra Tarkush: Numerology

Numerology is a critical part of the culture of Buhukiea. Sentiments on numerology across each being is generally consistent—this is because the basis for numerology is rooted in the presentation of numbers themselves in Tyra Tarkush.

Tyra Tarkush Character Archtypes and the Numbers

Tyra Tarkush has nine character archtypes that govern the sounds of Tyra Tarkush and that have meaning attached to them. For example: The Monarch character is related to the 'm' sounds, specifically 'mu', and it has the qualities of nobility, respect, and order.

These archtypes of Tyra Tarkush related directly with the number symbols. Each Tyra Tarkush number symbol, excluding zero and three, reflects one of the nine Tyra Tarkush character types. The numbers are generally directly related to the meanings of the character of Tyra Tarkush they belong to.

Tyra Tarkush Numbers

Visually, each character, excluding zero and three, has a part of one of the core characters in its symbol. That and the sounds defining them are the connection between them—that is how Tyra Tarkush Numerology came about.

Zero and Three

However, in this, as mentioned, there are two exclusions to this pattern. Zero and three. Zero has no relation to the archtypes. Its symbol is merely the number decoration repeated top and bottom—it has no special value to it besides representing the number of nothing. It does not directly correlate with the Tyra Tarkush way of portraying true nothing—this is a lesser way of it.

As for three—if the pattern of matching archtype to character held for each number, three would have gone to The Grasp (d/j/g sounds, power aspiration). However, three is a divine number related to the Trioré. Three in Tyra Tarkush could not be related to anything but the Trioré. And so it is related to it and that is where three's meaning comes from.

The Meanings of the Numbers

And so the general meanings of the numbers and their relations are as follows:

And so those are the meanings.

Of course, with all things, context plays a great part in determining the meanings of the numbers: the proximity of them to another and in what way they are being used. The sounds of Tyra Tarkush working together create the language and the meaning is ascribed to them but in conversation their present value must be ascertained. That is the way of Numerology.

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