Tarot Minor Arcana Matching: Pentacles

Warning: This post may contain spoilers for Emerald Haze and beyond!
Tarot Minor Arcana Matching: Pentacles

The last of the Tarot Minor Arcana suits and the last of the Tarot matching series. Pentacles pushes us further to legendary/out there characters (Gods, etc.). It also features the two lead Empirians from the Recordings Series and the rest of the Great Fallen Angels. I’m pleased with this one and it feels overall fitting to end with these characters.

King of Pentacles: The Ascended

A rather dark man, a merchant, master, professor. Reversed: An old and vicious man.

The Ascended, the God of Knowledge, is a master to many and could be considered a professor. Above all else, he can be considered a very old and very vicious man.

Queen of Pentacles: Usana

Dark woman; presents from a rich relative; rich and happy marriage for a young man. Reversed: An illness.

Placing Usana was tricky, and this is…an alright spot. Her current state as Beep could be called an illness, and…what happens later with her could also fit.

Knight of Pentacles: The Grim Reaper

An useful man; useful discoveries. Reversed: A brave man out of employment.

“A brave man out of employment.” I’m laughing cause it is so true. The Grim Reaper was basically unemployed by reality. But, he is useful and does have value.

Page of Pentacles: Malnoren

A dark youth; a young officer or soldier; a child. Reversed: Sometimes degradation and sometimes pillage.

Malnoren was once a dark guard of the Halo Angel Archangel. After falling, he scourged Evalon. Pillage!

Ten of Pentacles: The Spine

Represents house or dwelling, and derives its value from other cards. Reversed: An occasion which may be fortunate or otherwise.

The Spine - Representation

This one was hard because it was a place that was like supportive. I was originally thinking of palaces, but then…The Spine! It’s a dwelling for the communication of the Empire and it is only important due to the others using it. It can be fortunate or not… The Spine is just a powerful medium.

Nine of Pentacles: Alexia

Prompt fulfilment of what is presaged by neighbouring cards. Reversed:Vain hopes.

Alexia, Alexia, Alexia... subsequent cards to her are Jihst and Lady of Shadows and due to them she falls. Vain hopes...vain hopes of returning to what she was before she fell.

Eight of Pentacles: Lady of Shadows

A young man in business who has relations with the Querent; a dark girl. Reversed: The Querent will be compromised in a matter of money-lending.

The Lady of Shadows is not a dark girl, but a brilliant Ihkbaeloo Shining Saint who makes a deal with Jihst Caseius to kill Orweihl Zualia. She seems evocative of compromising deals and partnerships, which leads us to....

Seven of Pentacles: Jihst Caseius

Improved position for a lady’s future husband. Reversed: Impatience, apprehension, suspicion.

The Usurper himself. The impatient, paranoid fool who only rose to his position as Halo Angel Archangel due to the Lady of Shadow’s aid. Improved position certainly.

Six of Pentacles: Jeytaeir

The present must not be relied on. Reversed: A check on the Querent's ambition.

Jeytaeir was tricky, but here, here makes sense. The present can be perceived as Xinlara and his relationship: it could not be relied upon as truth or anything. Jeytaeir himself is also a check Cyclone's relationship ambitions and that of the Empire. Six is the Break which also just fits Jeytaeir so well.

Five of Pentacles: Lapadj

Conquest of fortune by reason. Reversed: Troubles in love.

Lapadj...Lapadj! Troubles in love, more like troubles in programming and Human relationships. Conquest of fortune by reason could also be to understand Human programming practices and to become known for that. I wish I could have fit Grapefruit in here somehow.

Four of Pentacles: Sarela

For a bachelor, pleasant news from a lady. Reversed: Observation, hindrances.

Sarela, in the Recordings, primarily observes and comments. I supposed Grapefruit could join in here as well, since Grapefruit just...observes and comments.

Three of Pentacles: Jaraqkel

If for a man, celebrity for his eldest son. Reversed: Depends on neighbouring cards.

This…this… the reasoning for this one I will keep secret.

Two of Pentacles: Arachnicha

Troubles are more imaginary than real. Reversed: Bad omen, ignorance, injustice.

Were the troubles of Arachnicha imaginary or real? They blurred the line. The manipulation of reality caused a muddled set of events that adhered to no sane order. Above all else, it is a bad omen and Archanicha was the symbol of the fatalistic inevitability of the Primordial Essences. Also ignorance concerning their being.

Ace of Pentacles: Hayelon the Guardian / The Amulet of Ra

The most favourable of all cards. Reversed: A share in the finding of treasure.

I realized Hayelon was never put anywhere, and Ace of Pentacles was the place. It’s a sign of power and like heroism. And share of finding the treasure… I made this a split with the Amulet of Ra itself. That’s the ‘treasure’ for a few questlines for the characters. Hayelon, the Amulet, being the last card…it is the summation of the journey and this journey too.

So thank you all for reading these Tarot posts! I want to eventually incarnate them into actual art form and make a full deck. The matchings may change once I get to that point, but this was a great first go and general exploration.

The quoted meanings for the above Minor Arcana are taken from The Pictorial Key to the Tarot’s Additional Meanings section.

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