Sorting the Characters into Hogwarts Houses (Part 2)

Warning: This post may contain spoilers for The Corruption of Dark and beyond!

The last time I did a Hogwarts house sorting for characters was in 2016 and I alluded to doing more…and I never did. But now I am! I was thinking about Spellbinder’s Ravenclaw aspects while writing her character development spotlight and realized that this was very much overdue.

But I’m not doing any of the characters I said I would in that post…I’m doing the new main characters instead!

Balon - Ravenclaw

Starting off with probably the most controversial assignment so far. Ravenclaw, the clever/witty/intelligence house...for Balon Zfnoctewoohi. The thing is, none of the other houses made much sense for her, but looking at Ravenclaw, they value Individuality, Acceptance, and Wisdom and that seems the best place for Balon. She's not a Gryffindor, not a Slytherin, but maybe she could be a Hufflepuff. Ravenclaw fits best, though.

Kulaszar - Ravenclaw

The only other place that made sense for him was Hufflepuff, but Kulaszar seemed like he'd be in Ravenclaw for his awareness and sort of wit. And he'd have to be with Balon, so in Ravenclaw he goes.

Rayacha - Slytherin

Need I explain this? Rayacha is absolutely cunning and determined. She belongs in Slytherin without a doubt.

Dien - Hufflepuff

Dien, formerly Hequera, is still a Hufflepuff. A more intense Hufflepuff now, but still a Hufflepuff.

Ra'uw'la - Slytherin

Tough one, absolutely. I was torn on Ra'uw'la. I could see him in pretty much any house, but I put him in Slytherin as I imagine his family was generally all Slytherin so he would follow. So he's not necessarily a great embodiment of Slytherin currently, but his journey to this point came from his Slytherin roots. Maybe he's deviated to some other house, but still: he came from this.

Also, yes, I'd put Riag'wug in Slytherin too.

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