Sorting the Characters into Hogwarts Houses

I'm a Harry Potter fan. Proud Slytherin. I enjoy the mental quest of sorting characters into Hogwarts Houses. So how could I not want to sort my own characters into the Hogwarts houses? I couldn't! So I went ahead and sorted them into their respective houses.

Short Primer for Non-Harry Potter Fans:

The Houses to be sorted into are Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin. They correspond to the general traits of bravery, loyalty, curiosity, and ambition. There are more nuances to them, but I'm not going to go into that much detail on them because that'd be for a different post on a completely different blog or something.

Anyway, onto what this post is designed for! Sorting my characters!

Actual Sorting

<h3>Cyclone - Slytherin</h3>

Cyclone - Slytherin

Cyclone is pretty much a no-brainer. At face, anyway. Slytherin is for the cunning, loyal, and ambitious. Cyclone is all of those things. He is a genius, sly, thinks quickly, and certainly ambitious. Like a Slytherin, he has a strong sense of loyalty to those he calls friends. The strong inclination towards duty, however, may make him seem a bit odd for Slytherin, maybe more like a Gryffindor at times. His intelligence, creativity, and wit also make him a solid fit for Ravenclaw, but the most defining part of his identity is his cunning and his dutiful, Empirian ambition. That sets him strongly into Slytherin.

<h3>King Fla'neiel - Gryffindor</h3>

King Fla'neiel - Gryffindor

Oh, King. He is and isn't a Gryffindor at face. He seems haughty, like a Slytherin. Not at all courageous or brave at first. More determined and patient, like a Hufflepuff. But he is a Gryffindor, I think. Why? Because he is brave at core. He dared to find the Dimensional Weapon. Dared to go to Earth. He had the nerve to stand up to the Ascended. But he is polite--'chivalrous.' A sort of knightly character, a more aristocratic knight, a traditional one. He is an interesting Gryffindor, but he deserves to be there.

<h3>Spellbinder - Ravenclaw</h3>

Spellbinder - Ravenclaw

I'm on the fence with Spellbinder. She seems like an academic, right? All about magic and furthering her craft. Maybe hardworking, could be Hufflepuff, but she wouldn't fit there. She has a strong sense of individuality and curiosity to her. And so much drive. She is ambitious. So she could be Slytherin, very easily. But her curiosity and study of magic propels her into Ravenclaw. I'm leaning towards Ravenclaw, basically settled on it, but there is also a strong case for Slytherin.

<h3>Farrco - Hufflepuff</h3>

Farrco - Hufflepuff

Farrco fits into the house of the Badger rather well. He is patient, hardworking, tolerant, nonjudgemental, and very loyal to what he believes in. He keeps going through life with admiral qualities and purpose. He is a true straight arrow and would be an excellent representation of house Hufflepuff.

<h3>Hequera - Hufflepuff</h3>

Hequera - Hufflepuff

Hequera is much like Farrco. Dedicated to her cause and unwavering. Loyal, almost to a fault. But she is brave. Threads that Bind the Tempest has proven her nerve and bravery. She could go into either house and fit in perfectly. But I decided on Hufflepuff. I think she fits into it the best. She was inspired by Riag'wug. She followed her, not the other way around. That is why she goes into Hufflepuff.

Those were just the main characters' sorting. I'm planning on sorting some side characters, like Ramulein, Nefertiti, Ra'uw'la, Marcus, and Jessica, and so on. I'll make another post just for them with explanations and everything, but, for now, just the main Trinity and the One plus Hequera have been sorted into their particular house.

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