Sample Chapters Posted and a Confession

Because I am a wonderful person and I love giving things away for free, I just posted the first two chapters of How to Stop Wildfire and Harmonic Waves as sample chapters. Nothing special. Just in pdf form. To give people something to munch on. You're welcome. Shut up and download them. Obviously don't read the second without reading the first.

And here is where I say that I hate the first few chapters. Beginnings are the hardest. The first chapter of How to Stop Wildfire is probably the worst. THERE I SAID IT. I hated writing it. So much exposition and set up so I could just get on with my life writing. But it happened and I think it works overall. So yea. Try the sample chapters out, and if you are at all interested, pick up the book/pre-order on Amazon:

How to Stop Wildfire

Harmonic Waves

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