How to Stop Wildfire Fourth Anniversary

Time just flies by. Four years have gone by since I released How to Stop Wildfire. It was rocky and wild at first. I knew so little and then learned so much. Four years of writing and change.

At the time of this writing, I have released six other books since then. I’m working on making it seven. Working on finishing out this set of four so in four years I’ve written eight books total. This process has made me vaguely remember what it took to make HTSW. All the rewriting, all the anguish, back and forth, tearing out, shoving in…the intense process. It took so much effort to get that thing out there and now I look at it like how much I’ve come since then…but—HTSW is a testament to how I started with little scribbles written with just plain drive, and now it is composed and now it has spiraled into all this.

I’m very retrospective as of late. Or rather, not as much as I could. Retrospective on a lack. Should this feel like more than it is? Is this more than what it is?

Four is a special number to me. I wanted to say I did more by now, but what I am doing….it matches. It is apt. It is not the flashy thing but it is the hard, true thing for what this means. A return to the old with all that I’ve learned.

And then I’ll keep going on again—finding the new way forward.

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