Vashwva (Original)

The Original Version of the Vashwva Short Story. A short story on the fall of the Diamondae, Archalex, Chaos, and the nature of Vashwva itself.


This is original (but slightly redacted) version of Vashwva that I believe I wrote for a lit class way back when. It was written before I finished How to Stop 2014! The version that has been revised in 2020 is here. The dialogue between Catasore and Archalex was essentially rewritten as my conclusions differed between now and then. So this is not exactly canon right now/aligned with my current thinking, but we'll see in time if I come back around to it.

Anyway, enjoy reading and comparing the two versions!

In the chittering heart of Mysidia, two Diamondae stood before an invention. The invention was a basin, a basin of endless depth. The walls of this pit were like clockwork claws, churning about in harmony. No noise came from it. It glistened with artistic perfection and grace, polished till every surface reflected as much as it was intended.

Archalex, the creator, the architect of all that surrounded him, was erect with pride. As the designer and orchestrator of meeting the glorious Aspect of Execution, he had done an impossible blasphemy. The Aspect of Inevitability sang to him like a lullaby as the dream of such a thing had come to him.

Divine perfection, elegance to the most extreme degree had taken form in a machine that would be able to bring Vashwva into complete actuality. All the races of Tyra Kolaq’blegae and Buhukiea would be obliterated by the might of the Diamondae, this machine. Catasore’s creations would be ended by the creations of Nothore and Reignore, an end that would always be because two was greater than one. The energy of obliteration shall eliminate the chaos of Catasore and enforce Vashwva.

Archalex, in this moment of importance to the fate of Buhukiea was detailing this Vashwva to a sack of flesh that called itself the minister of organization. Organization of Diamondae execution and planning. Such a thing mattered not, the execution was what mattered.

Words fell from mouths, organs that conveyed information, but they were faulty, imperfect. Rendered deliberately as such, a flaw in the creation of their forms. Archalex swayed and the minister swooned in pitiful obliviousness of the scope of his work.

And there, lurking beneath the shadows was something that none but Vashwva, perhaps, had factored into plan. A lone Ihkbaeloo, one of the races that were to be reaped for energy was hiding underneath the flesh’s shadow. Tentravas was his name. It was always his name until he ceased. Of course he heard the plan. Of course. It had to be.

In a blaze of glory, Tentravas leapt from the shadow. Claws sunk into the stupid organizers form, not his, no he had to left alive and coherent for later. His Diamondae kin was forced into the receptacle of his machine.

It was poetic really. The machine hummed and burned with the registering of the existence being given and began to deconstruct all those that shared the same constitute created-composite parts. The Ihkbaeloo danced out of the machine, glancing at Archalex. There might have been some shared understanding, momentary external Dialona. All parts of each others being resonated in a way that would never be shared again.

The created of Catasore fled, and he followed with the devotion he gave to Vashwva. His form spiraled and rippled into the air, Tentravas bouncing in and out of fading shadows cast by the bursting beings of his kin. Then Tentravas attempted to sink into the shadow of statue of his beloved Vashwva. Vashwva. He ripped him out of his descent, throwing him back, back away.

He stumbled to the base of Vashwva. Around him Mysidia, home to the tyrant-rulers of Tyra Kolaq’blegae crumbled. There was so much shrieking, roaring and pleas until the things that uttered them ceased to be. It was his work, all of it. He executed all parts of the existence of the Diamondae.

Rise and Fall.

Eyes trained on the statue of Vashwva, he saw it contort. In his effort to bring it into being, did he end it too?


Vashwva morphed into the Creator Catasore. She came not as she was usually depicted. She came as a multi-tailed, multi-horned Vashwva-version of her normal form. A bastardization of their aspects, no not a corruption. A transcendent form. Superior. Inevitability of the highest degree and Chaos’s lord turned into one.

It was perfect, but completely imperfect. Archalex pulled himself up, trying to make himself erect before the creator who was not his.

“Shalaeyah, Catas-” he paused, searching for a suitable insult, “sier.”

Catasore phased through the air, towards Archalex and chimed, “Hello, Archalex. That name is correct for what lies before you. But that concept is of no importance.”

“And what is of importance? To see the obliteration of those that would have ripped apart your flawed creations?”

“Bashl. I have come because of Vashwva. I am Catasier, so I am a slave to Vashwva. The question you have in your mind of now, of what Vashwva is, is simple if you abandon your beliefs.”

”And what beliefs? That our Vashwva has turned its favor? That Vashwva is the inevitability of linear creation, something not of you…”

“You are merely a creation. You, although perceiving to a degree that none else have, still cannot independently pierce through to the core mechanics of creation.”

“Vashwva is not what we believe it to be…Is it some other intangible force that compels us to the end?”

“It is a force, aye. It is what compels all to the end. It is inevitability of a certain way. The Diamondae see Chaos and Vashwva as opposites, as Noc and Hi are. The basic assumption that you have of the relationship of Chaos and Vashwva is…baap shlranai.”

“Then, Vashwva is of Catasore. Bashl, Vashwva is Catas. Catasore is Vashwva. The equations and mechanics of chaos, they are the tentacles of Vashwva…Your desire is Vashwva. Your desire was to end us, because you desire the continued existence of the chaos-creations.”

“Bashl. I did not desire this. Events that have already occurred require the presence and happening of these moments. The Diamondae ended because the moment they were created this was their end. All of existence is planned out once it has been created. Vashwva is the path of events that will lead to the end. It is the guider of the shards of myself and all to come to conclusion, to beyond Dialona.”

“That is Vashwva. What is Catas to Vashwva? A facet, or the the controller of it… The irony. The thing the we revered is what we were defying. Shlranai?” Archalex gurgled and spasmed with the thought of such a divine paradox.

Catasore had waited for Archalex to transfer his thoughts into common tongue before continuing, “Closer to shlranai. Chaos is the illusion of no path to the free-willed Buhukeia, and the false hope of no path to the linear Diamondae, but in truth it is the ebbs of the path.”

“Was it Vashwva that Muanore-Ramek Catasore was compelled to come here, to explain it all to me?”

“Bashl. The answer to that ‘Kae’1 is I chose not alter the mechanics to conform with my greater’s desire to come here. I saw an opportunity to enlighten existence by gracing this moment, to set Vashwva for something interesting. You are intriguing, to the point that I have manipulated the path to conform with this.”

“Wa. And why am I ‘intriguing’? Is it that I gave my existence to the incorrect view of Vashwva?”

“Patterns. The existence that I have made for myself is in similar construct to yours. Your end and beginning, your Vashwva, is a mirror of my own. When all of this ends, Archalex, I will keep you, among other chosen. Chartwekey, Archalex.”

Catasore phased out of that moment, and Archalex was left with his collapsing existence.

That moment passed like all the others, to fulfill Vashwva. Diamondae ended because of Vashwva. Catasore of that moment did what she did, because of the rules she had made.Vashwva is the inevitability that Catasore made, it is the absolute control she exercises. She comes as equal to her creations, but like the tendrils of the Diamondae Vashwva, her force touches and manipulates all paths even those that seem out of her favor and all paths end where Catasore created them to end.

1 Catasore read Archalexs true question, which was why (kae) did Catasore decide to come in that moment.

Released/Written (approx.): September 2014