Some Random Thoughts

Not actually part of the series

Okay, okay, okay, it has been quite a while since I’ve written a post for the Recordings series. Rest assured, I will get back to it eventually. I’ve been postponing it until something specific happens so I can feel like it is an allegory for my life. Yeah, I’m like that. Get over it. I delay publishing my stuff until I find a date that I find to be pleasing numerically. There is considerable thought that goes into the process.

Speaking of process, I have some random thoughts about the Recording series that I wanted to bring up and point out. Because I feel bad I haven’t posted much on it and it has been tangentially playing on my mind when I was writing some sections of book five of my series.

So yeah, anyway, these probably obscure thoughts, in nice bullet-point format:

Yet. I’m not done yet with Lapadj and Sarela’s story. I have stuff planned out. I always do. Whether I’ll get done with it anytime soon is more…unknown. While I’m on still on my series ‘break’ (haha, I’m still writing book 5 in the series when I should be writing The Lost.) I might, ugh, engage with it. Might. Ish. Wish. Lish.


I’m getting there.

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