If all was nought

And all shall be

When will we see

The truth that we all stem from

A truth that would destroy some

Or bring salvation to the heedful

Devastating to the needful

Yet, oh so glorious to the chosen

For they have heard its deafening call

And have responded as it should

With respect

To those who hear it yet ignored it

Surely they will perish for neglecting such power

Even as they cower

Making lies to cover their fear

To believe its echo, to hear it again

Sacrifices must be made

As a sign of pure loyalty

For they should never even amuse the thought of betrayal

If they do, all which they have ignored will come

Tearing body from soul

Soul from body

Existence from soul

Existence from body

All from nought

Though after all they will have another chance

In a different form, world, and role

All comes from nought

and nought comes from all

So it begins again

or it ends

to begin once more.

Metaphysical poem related to truth, beliefs, loyalty, and the cycle of existence (?). I don't recall the exact context right now of this poem.

Written: May 2010