Crawling carefully seeking emotions

Feasting on fury drinking despair

Shunning bliss hissing at their like

Grey with black evil eyes seeking lies

Stalking small reclusive humans

Disjointed legs moving oddly

Silently stalks in the Shadows

Only survival no converse

Government governs none but one

Living lonely in long shadows

Reprise in crypts of their prey

Vying for their meal we are like veal

Sustenance that sustains seldom

The remaining victims are mad

With such a dark face with sad eyes

Image of the Teomae-Erdion-Meot poem and a drawing of the creature

This poem is about the titular Teomae-Erdion-Meot, which are emotion eaters. I feel like their name is (or was based on) an anagram for something akin to that.

Once again, I used the MacOS preview text feature to ‘scan’ this. I think this page was pulled from a school Poetry book I did as it was world ‘canon’ at the time.

Written (approx.): 2010? 2011?