End of Tranquility

It was a good day, that day

My Brothers and Sister of the guard laughed and joked

We were family in race, and in job

And in heart.

The King smiled, his sect, our sect, was peaceful

We all thought it was going to be the best day of our lives

My Sister of heart, had her wings become fully grown

The Rose Knight, meek and noble showed us how his magic was

He crafted roses for all of us

Big brother, the brute of us, squashed his, even the King laughed

I could sense all of our Auras, they were at their peak…so calm, for now

Clacking shoes, and a shrieking voice marked their entrance

Our shadows seemed to move and distort, finally reaching and dragging us down

In comes a runt of an Angel, with hair like of a rock formation.

Behind him a thin woman stalked the shadows bending them, came up

She was the threat, not the Angel, we all froze

Once they walked in we knew, deep down what was going to happen

Our sister let off all of her spells, all to be absorbed to the shadows and chained again

Big brother charged, into her, but her magic of the shadow enveloped him

I lit up with more aura then before my wings flared open and I gave it all I could

But even those furious flames died

She walked over our chained bodies staring at the Rose Knight with a glimmer

It was worse for him

The runt laughed, watching himself be lifted up to the highest position

The Woman of Shadow took the shadow around her, and wrapped it around him

The Rose Knight resisted but he was consumed

His body was hers to use, for now.

Struggling and resisting his arm drew his sword

The King could have ran

But he didn’t

I think he knew his fate as Arch-Angel that day

I do not know.

But all I knew is he stood there

It felt like eons passed

When his sword met our Arch-Angels neck it was all over

With one hack, the runt was Arch-Angel

And the Shadow woman was gone

The Rose knight forever scarred, as with us all

And the future of everything.

The Fall of Orweihl Zualia, former Archangel of the Halo Angels, by the Lady of Shadows and Jihst Caseius, as a (not exactly canon) poem narrated from the perspective of Capraeaura Falalia.

Written: August 2010