If You've Never Been in the Empire/Tyra Kolaq'blegae...

If you’ve never been in Tyrá Kolaq’blegae,

You don’t know the Empire

You can’t know the Empire

The intricate rules and laws, only for one race to hear,

Sacon says they are all equal, but in truth non-Sacons are ‘sier’(Slave).

Planets with differing opinions, Kings, Queens, and all else vying,

For power that is all but lying.

If you’ve never been in Tyrá Kolaq’blegae,

You’ll never be able to understand the ways of the Empire.

Poem using a 'never have been template' that tries to articulate my old vision of Empirian culture. I think this was an unfinished draft as I have a full poem of an unrelated topic following this template that I recall actually using for the school poetry assigment.

Written: May 2011