Emerald Cult Poem

Do you see that Emerald Sun?

Do you feel its eternal glimmer?

Do you know its power?

Ages past, the great true chief god knew its strength

He used it to make us safe, from creatures that knew not of how things are

Alas, some say it was only as a key!

A key to open a gate, that should never have been!

The same screech that those who are not blessed by his grace

God-slayers, false oracles and Necromancers!

Deserters, abominations and the Dead!

Are the true guardians of our world!

Laughable, for Halon and Rå are the only sacred saints

No others.

Do you hear the call of the Emerald Sun?

Do you understand it? Do you heed it?

It calls us all equally

The entrancing core that plays with the hearts of mortals

We do not dare go near it

We are not worthy of its beauty.

Few trample over tradition and reap what he hath sowed!

They barter with their souls for foul rewards!

Shall we follow their blasphemous path?

Shall we dare go against Rå?

I dare hope that you chose to follow the truth

Or you will burn.

Join the call of the Emerald

For it is the only true path that any could take

We open our arms to all.

None are shunned, by race or creed

Halon-reborn shall lead us to ascension

We will win this pathetic feud, that never should have been

The trinity and their “one” shall fall, once-and-for-all

Rå will let us join him in his hall, where we will be his disciples

Join the eternal truthful call, the call of the Emerald!

A poem/call to action for the Emerald Cult as I imagined them in 2010.

Written: September 2010