Soaring high in the huge azure sky

With a ancient dragon king eye

They ascend to a godly high

All those below burn and die

Proud with power and such a rage

Having no countable true age

Death is their lord and they are his sage

Trapped in a dark undead cage

Hiding in vast underground caves

Dead flesh is the one thing that saves

Braving the great incessant waves

None live in their abodes, save slaves

Risen by King’s in time of need

They shall never be struck and bleed

It is much for some so they plead

Others choose the mantle and lead

With a ancient dragon lord eye

Soaring high in the huge azure sky

Beating their dead wings on the fly

War is their truth peace is their lie

Devouring on waning souls

Dominance their eternal goal

Undead armies at their control

Destroying paladins patrol

Perched on their brethrens crypt

Puzzles and great treasures encrypt

Doom lurks those who have gear equipped

Screams echo from their broken jaws ripped

They walk these worlds for who knows why

They pray to gods for a reply

Yet not any will truly supply

They will be denied for they defy

This poem is about undead dragons, called Drgae-Sagon.

I (attempted) to self-censor it after writing to replace the ‘lord’ references with ‘king’. This is because to use ‘lord’ when referring not to the Triore is blasphemy.

Written (approx.): ~2009/2010?? Maybe ??