Character Opposite Mirror Poems

Cyclone and King: Differing of philosophies.


Why Persevere!? Can you, I think; take the past, look to the future, all-in-one? You seem So broken now!


Now, so broken! You seem all-in-one look to the future, take the past. I think, you can persevere. Why?

Spellbinder and Farrco: Robots as alive, or as drones?


Becoming alive! not ‘Stopping oneself’! To the hunks of metal we are bound, I wish, The Gods not an archive!


An Archive not the gods I wish we are bound, to the hunks of metal, Stopping oneself, not ‘becoming alive’

Dark and Light Angels: Noc to Hi Alia

Santora Nocalia

Light is against Dark Death is always close when: Coolness is lost to emotion: Equilibrium goes to petty hate.

Miscarca Hialia

Petty hate goes to Equilibrium; Emotion is lost to coolness. Death is always close when: Dark is against Light.

Poems showing contrasting character traits...or something like that. Cyclone, King, Spellbinder, Farrco, Santora, and Miscarca.

Date: May 2011