Balancing out the Scales of Existence.

Balancing out one’s self is a sign of true power,

To be something more, to transcend

Absorbing and defying, corruption in true form, dark

Reflecting and reciprocating, insanity on the edges, light

Both equal and opposite, true wisdom is equilibrium,

Without it, all falls apart, and into wrong chaos.

Wrong, meaning that truth is lost to the unbalanced chaos,

Each being becomes a beacon of abused power,

Who do not respect natural order, equilibrium.

Great shadows fall from once great paladins of light,

Who start to destroy their other counter-parts of dark.

Corrupting those who use it much, the poorly known dark,

is thought to be the truest bringer of anarchy-chaos.

The core and brightness, the eternal hero is shining light,

Their abilities are unmatched, so they say ‘light is true power’

They say the only way to be, to be is to transcend,

such ‘unnatural’ equality and stability of foreign equilibrium.

When both are equal, when twilight occurs, this is equilibrium

Twilight requires both, not just light, not just dark,

Twilight is the best way to try to transcend.

The creators wanted such balance, even the one who is chaos.

They are the highest authority, why should we doubt their power?

The one of chaos, is a combination of both sides, she is not the core of light.

Brilliant in its cleansing, the beacon for most is glowing light,

When the cleansing has gone too far, what is lost is equilibrium.

Once someone takes the power,

of light and only uses it to negate dark,

The mind itself soon becomes chaos,

in the midst of the lack of will to transcend.

All beings with their head(s) in its place, have thought to transcend,

To become one with the brilliant light,

that has pierced their lives, ever so embroiled in chaos,

they try to look beyond the broken equilibrium

To see the truth in everything, even the aggressor, light or dark,

What once had such profound meaning, is now lost to true power.

Power all many types has been associated with the ability to transcend,

Dark is becoming known the same way as light.

Now equilibrium is being retaught, as with the good type of chaos

Poem about finding balance between dark and light. This is sort of like deconstructing and reconstructing the relationship between dark and light in my old view...though, somethings has definitely remained the same. I think this poem was written to explain that dark is not bad and that light is not all good, essentially.

Same notes as Force apply.

Written (approx.): ~2010/2011