The Lost Cover

The Lost Cover

Although I am not that close to fully finishing The Lost I had the motivation to finish the E-Cover for it. I can’t do the print cover as I don’t know the final page count nor the dimensions I will be choosing for it, so that will be a separate post.

It came together relatively easily. Mostly because this wasn’t the first cover I had made for The Lost. I made a cover years ago, but the license of the font and image was dubious, so I had to remake it. But the aesthetic/concept of the cover remained the same: sort of old looking text against a picture sand dunes.

The font is IM FELL English Pro by Igino Marini. It was an easy lock. The text placement & font remained the same through my attempts as you’ll see below.

I could have found a photo of some sand dunes, but that felt tacky. And my drawing skills have improved recently so I decided…why not draw my own cover art? I was doing it recently for other bits of the book. So I did, and it turned out pretty well, but it did have a few iterations to get to the final version.

The Lost Cover Attempt 1
Attempt 1

The first I was almost going to go with, but there were a few issues: the blurring/smearing by the edges of the hills (it was messy) and the hill definition.

The Lost Cover Attempt 2
Attempt 2

The second attempt has the back hill with a starker hue and improved edge smearing. I didn’t like the hills as much.

Then it was pointed out to me that the shapes were…kind off off. So I changed the shape and below is the pure art of it:

The Lost Cover Art Final

More of a sloped hill, more definition, and better smearing. It just clicked and works and thus the final cover is:

The Lost Cover Final

I’m pleased with it! It’s simple and to the point. Stands out from my other books as The Lost…stands alone.

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