On Book Pricing

Pricing. How much does a book cost? Or, how much is How to Stop Wildfire worth?

This is a question I spent about 15 minutes on some serious time thinking about. The answer I came up with is $2.99...but with an asterisk and clauses and so on.

First off: Why $2.99?

Sarah, I thought you were a believer in openness and that you weren't really doing this for the money. I thought you wanted people to read it. Not throw money at it.

All true. But I do want some money for it, at least initially (I'll get to this in a bit.) I am not...er...financially stable or....well have much, so I'd like some for like, things. Yeah.

So not free for the moment. Then what? It basically came to $.99 vs $2.99. Any higher is just silly and overpriced from my perspective. I read a few studies and articles on the subject and it turns out $2.99 is a pretty sweet spot. So I was swayed to that 2.99 price point.

Now for the '2.99 but only for a bit' bit. HTSW is part of a series. Series means more than one book. Therefor (obviously) in the future there will be multiple books for sale at the same time.

In my hazy planning, I am of the mind that when I publish more of the series I will drop the price of the previous books. Like this is what I think:

All before One previous Current/Latest book
FREE $.99 $2.99

This will hold for the first few books. I don't know about book pricing going forward when it gets really big, but with 4-5 I think this will be fine.

So yeah. $2.99 is the price-point for HTSW.

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