How to Stop Wildfire Eighth Anniversary

How to Stop Wildfire Eighth Anniversary

I find myself here, eight years on, without too much to say or reflect on in anything particular. Over this year, I’ve written things outside my domain and written more in it (including finishing The Lost). I’ve felt free to explore other ideas and random projects. Not much has come from it, realistically, but it has felt good and fun.

I wonder if part of me is avoiding focusing too much on book 11—because it’s starting a big new part of the series. Right now I’m in a comfortable spot where the big arc is done and I have no regrets. Things are settled and done. Once I start something new, there’s the worry it doesn’t get done or done properly.

I don’t think I ever had this worry when I started How to Stop Wildfire and this journey eight years ago. I just…wanted to get that piece done. I didn’t look at the whole picture so much. The first step was the big journey, not the whole path. Maybe I should look at things like that more. Yes, the whole sweeping arc is important, but that’s not the goal—that’s the reward for each bit of self-contained progress.

Every step is the goal. Eight years on, I’ve completed many steps and goals, with lulls small and large in between. Things will carry on at the pace they will, and I’ll keep chugging along.

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