Of Fractured Edges Released!

Of Fractured Edges Released!

Of Fractured Edges released!

Sorry, I just had to use make it big and bold. It is just so exciting for me. The first four books of The Adventures of the Trinity and the One are out. This is a big milestone for the journey I began many years ago when I first began work on How to Stop Wildfire. When I first started my writing adventure. This marks the end of an era.

Red, blue, yellow, green. The color motif has concluded.

Fire, water, air, earth. No more simple elemental themes.

We are done with that.

These four stories, ending with Of Fractured Edges, were the beginnings. The defining of each of the four core members of the Trinity and the One: Cyclone, King, Spellbinder, and Farrco. Of Fractured Edges is the sweet, expected end to things started in How to Stop Wildfire. To everything that has happened in between. The green, earthy cap to these four. It is the end to things that begin. The beginning is over.

The horizon is brilliant and filled with fantastic adventures you wouldn't believe. And I am going to tell them to you, just as I have told you these four stories.

The real adventure has just begun.

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