Harmonic Waves Chapter Names

So Harmonic Waves is in the editing stage, so most everything is already polished and done. Including the chapter names, which I have complained about doing before. I have all the chapters named, so I'm deciding to share them. There are twenty four chapters total, more than with How to Stop Wildfire. Some of the chapters names are probably going to change before it gets published. Which is to be expected. Tweaking something is what I do best.

Regardless: here is the tentative list:

Outspoken Chaos

Familiar Friendship

Musings of Heart





Precision Planning



Need to Know

A Chat on Clan


Actualization of Heart

Twisted and Blended


Splashing of Heart


Catharsis of Heart




Teleportation and Gossip

Silent Order

As you can probably see, there are some definite trends going on in the chapter names. Getting excited? I am.


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