Writing the Character Cyclone

Writing the Character Cyclone

If I want my writing (not world-building) to be known for anything I want it to be remembered for having really witty dialogue (at some points,) and being kind of hilarious.

Most of this can be attributed to one character, Cyclone. It is hard to quantify the enjoyment I derive from figuring out the most elegant, hysterical, and slyly insulting things for him to spew. While also incorporating rhyming, alliteration or another semi-poetic device.

I am not going to lie. I laugh at the jokes I write into what he is saying. I don't know if anyone else finds him as amazing as I find him myself, but I don't care. Writing dialogue for Cyclone is AMAZING.

I don't want to give too much away but I am writing/editing this section where Cyclone and King Fla'neiel (obviously) are bickering over planning, and they are both trying to one-up each other and the 'burns' they use on each other is just crazy. I think I just described any scene with the two of them. Cyclone has a subtle, but not at all subtle, way of insulting people while also aggrandizing himself, and Fla'neiel is more direct-to-the-point with his retorts. He wants to get his point across with only a thin-veil of grace, whereas Cyclone puts on the grace to strengthen his mockery of it all.

Yea. This is getting pretty introspective on the entire thing.

I just want to make it sharp and funny. Sort of Sorkin-like, but with more care being taken into it. The things that Cyclone says he says because he can, but also because they mean something to him personally. On the surface it seems just funny (which in my opinion it is) but deeper there is Cyclone's more morose craziness. Sometimes I worry that he comes across too bipolar with the swapping between super-serious and super-satirical, but that is who he is. He is both.

He is fun to write when he is being typical 'Cyclone,' but when that is chipped away and I get to the blindingly devout aspect of him writing is like so much more nuanced. The balance is hard to obtain sometimes. Cyclone is not balanced. He is chaos and order all in one and it shows.

I'm just rambling now. Back to writing.

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