Getting Back to Writing

I have been so caught up in the self-publishing process that I have been lax on continuing to write the series. I essentially took a 1-2 month break and wow does it feel both weird and good to get back to writing. Been so long since actually writing these characters, but it doesn't feel unfamiliar. I guess it is like riding a bicycle: never really forget how to, it just is a little bit rusty at first.

The only problem is writing the 'fluff.' By fluff I mean anything that isn't an explanation or dialogue. Like...description. You know the boring stuff. I am a strange reader, I only really pay attention to dialogue. Environmental description and long paragraphs bother me. It reflects through my writing style: shorter, choppier paragraphs and back-forth dialogue. I don't have the attention span for anything else.

I understand the appeal of sweeping narratives and verbose detail, but I can't stand writing it or reading it. So being the stubborn-type of person I am I don't write like that. Some of the feedback I have gotten is negative because of it, but I am okay with that. Can't make everyone happy, but I can make myself happy.

But anyway. I'm writing the second book, which in my mind I am calling 'The Trade.' It probably is going to be titled something else, but that is the tentative title. I wrote most of the draft while editing How to Stop Wildfire so all I am really doing is editing it and fleshing out. Nice and easy. I am so grateful that I hated editing HTSW and was writing this one. Most of the work is done.

For some reason I think I will spend less time agonizing over it.

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